Most Common Questions

Are your beans organic or Non-GMO?

We would like to use soybeans that are strictly organic or non-GMO but due to supply issues we can’t guarantee it. We do guarantee that our waxes themselves do not contain any pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified material. During manufacturing, the waxes are cleaned of any of these items if present, resulting in a very clean and green product.

How much fragrance should I use?

For container, candles we recommend using about 5% and for molded candles about 3%, with a maximum of around 12% for both, although people have used more.

Is EcoSoya® Kosher certified?

Yes, EcoSoya is Kosher certified.

Is your wax Organic?

A designation of Organic is not possible with any soy wax or any wax made from a liquid vegetable oil that is turned into a solid. In order to go from liquid soybean oil to a solid wax, the oil must undergo a chemical change. Due to this chemical change the wax cannot meet an Organic Certification.

What are the recommended pour temps?

Please review CB-XceL, CB-Advanced Soy, CB-135 or PB instructions to see recommended pour temps.

What type of wick should I use?

Non-cored wicks work best. Try wicks such as: HTP, RRD, CD, Eco, flat braid, square braid, hemp, etc. Wick size and type is completely dependent on candle size and type, shape, scent, color and the type of burn characteristics you desire. Click here to learn more about wicking.