Choosing Your EcoSoya Wax

The chart below is intended to make it easy for you to determine which EcoSoya wax you should be buying for your production needs.

View our EcoSoya products list, which includes our ground-breaking Eco-Wick-Wax, for more information and instructions on how to use EcoSoya waxes in candle making.

CB-135CB-AdvancedCB-XceLPillar BlendWick Wax
Melt point122F (50.0C)111F (43.9C)128F (53.3C)130F (54.4C)175F (79.4C)
Fragrance Throw*Superior*Superior*Superior*Superior*--
Essential OilsSuperiorGoodGood----
Resistance to Polymorphism (frosting, bloom, etc.)GoodSuperiorExcellentGood--
Wax UseContainer CandlesContainer CandlesContainer CandlesMolded CandlesWick Covering
Container AdhesionYes--Yes----
Surface Remelt--ExcellentSuperior----
DescriptionGreat for massage candles. Dermatology tested. Wonderful for all-natural, colorless candles made with essential oils.Highly frost resistant. Works great with dyes, and contracts slightly from container, producing a beautiful appearance. Smooth, even burn pool with consistent color retention.Highly frost resistant. Works great with dyes. New technology allows for top surface re-melting. Smooth, even burn pool with consistent color retention.Great for all molded candles: pillars, votives, tarts, novelty candles, etc. Self-releasing from molds.
* Refer to your fragrance supplier for a list of fragrances tested and approved in the specific EcoSoya wax.EcoSoya Logo