NGI Logo

NGI’s mission is to take care of the environment.

We work to achieve our mission by only making products that are good for people and for the environment.

We excel at achieving our mission through creating products that are best-in-class on the World market, and through corporate communications that share our core philosophies: we are all Environmental Guardians, and to truly serve in this capacity, we must Take Care Together: of each other and the environment.

Nature’s Gifts International, LLC is a way of life based on a strong sense of responsibility to the environment and to people. NGI®, LLC nurtures this heritage by manufacturing products that are beneficial to both people and the Earth with domestically grown soybeans.

Core Values

Earth First
We are devoted to responsibly using the renewable resources of our planet.

We highly regard the environment and understand our relationship with nature.

We value honesty, respect, accountability, reliability and commitment.

We are dedicated to total quality and continuous improvement.

We foster relationships to promote growth and success.