EcoSoya Wax Comparisons

Want more information? Individual EcoSoya wax comparisons can be found by viewing the instruction pages in the left-hand menu, or our EcoSoya products list, which includes our ground-breaking Eco-Wick-Wax, for more information and instructions on how to use EcoSoya waxes in candle making.

CB-135CB-AdvancedCB-XceLPillar BlendWick Wax
Melt point122F (50.0C)111F (43.9C)128F (53.3C)130F (54.4C)175F (79.4C)
Fragrance Throw*Superior*Superior*Superior*Superior*--
Essential OilsSuperiorGoodGood----
Resistance to Polymorphism (frosting, bloom, etc.)GoodSuperiorExcellentGood--
Wax UseContainer CandlesContainer CandlesContainer CandlesMolded CandlesWick Covering
Container AdhesionYes--Yes----
Surface Remelt--ExcellentSuperior----
DescriptionGreat for massage candles. Dermatology tested. Wonderful for all-natural, colorless candles made with essential oils.Highly frost resistant. Works great with dyes, and contracts slightly from container, producing a beautiful appearance. Smooth, even burn pool with consistent color retention.Highly frost resistant. Works great with dyes. New technology allows for top surface re-melting. Smooth, even burn pool with consistent color retention.Great for all molded candles: pillars, votives, tarts, novelty candles, etc. Self-releasing from molds.
* Refer to your fragrance supplier for a list of fragrances tested and approved in the specific EcoSoya wax.EcoSoya Logo