Find a Distributor for EcoSoya Wax

Become a Distributor of EcoSoya


Our Distributor Agreement provides that:

  • Your company will receive Distributor (wholesale) Pricing,  at the best price level offered by NGI.
  • NGI will post a link to your website on our Distributor page and refer sales inquiries from your area to your company.
  • NGI will grant a trademark license agreement for EcoSoya with all necessary graphics and artwork.
  • NGI will provide technical support to assist your company in answering customers’ questions, including online support for customers’ education.
  • You will receive access to current daily pricing updates on our “Distributor Only” web site page.

In order to become a distributor of EcoSoya we ask that:

  • You provide us with proof of a successful Distribution Chain or a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Plan.
  • You provide us the website link on which you will sell EcoSoya.
  • You meet NGI required minimum orders:
    • Domestic – One, three (3) pallet order of EcoSoya soy waxes per calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).
    • International – One, ten (10) pallet order of EcoSoya soy waxes per calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).  Note: To facilitate Distributor business growth, International Distributors may order (3) pallets for the first two orders only.  Subsequent orders must then be ten (10) pallets per order due to the added processing and handling expenses associated with export orders.
  • Your business resell at least 80% of the EcoSoya soy waxes it purchase’s from NGI to your customers (your company’s internal EcoSoya use must be less than 20% of your order).
  • Your business agrees to use EcoSoya trademark in all listings, on website and in all sales of EcoSoya soy waxes and blends containing EcoSoya.
  • Your company agrees to provide technical support to customers purchasing our waxes.
  • Your company makes reasonable efforts to promote and sell all varieties of EcoSoya soy waxes for candles.


  • Domestic orders: terms are granted upon Credit Application approval, otherwise orders must be prepaid.
  • International orders are prepaid in USD; wire-transfer fee may be applicable.
  • Pricing is FOB and effected daily by the Chicago Board of Trade’s (CBOT) soybean market trading result. Consequently, EcoSoya pricing is updated daily in consideration of market fluctuations and does not include shipping costs.
  • Orders are non-returnable/non-refundable and may be cancelled within one business day of submission; cancellations afterward are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. Please allow approximately two weeks to process & ship your order from our plant.